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bei FELD M

FELD M is an analytically and strategically working consultancy for marketing in an increasingly digitized world. Together with our customers, we develop sustainable communication, sales and product solutions for customer acquisition and customer loyalty based on on-site and off-site contact points as well as the interaction with offline channels. Our interdisciplinary team - consisting of computer scientists, economists, mathematicians, media designers, sociologists and philosophers - brings along different perspectives and ways of thinking and guarantees holistic solutions for complex questions. Since 2002 we see ourselves as master craftsmen who have learned and mastered their tools from scratch and who are constantly developing themselves and the portfolio analytically. Thanks to a large network of freelancers who work with us if necessary, we can also respond spontaneously and flexibly to the special requirements of our customers. We have our headquarters in Munich. We are also represented in Berlin and Hamburg, as well as with FELD M Poland in Gdansk and FELD M Switzerland in Zurich.