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An AI analytics and automation software company.
B-Yond is one of the fastest-growing network AI companies and the leader in network intelligence and operation automation. We develop automation software for operators seeking to capitalize on the move to 5G and edge cloud. Our technology ingests and analyzes the most complex network data, accelerating the time-to-market of new services and products while enhancing customer experience. Deploying our technology and knowledge in the telecom industry results in optimized network operations and monetization as well as CAPEX avoidance.

Headquarter Location:
San Jose, California, USA

IoT Testing Engineer

BYondKansas City, KS, USA, Remote

Senior Mobile Network Engineer

BYondRedmond, WA, USA, Remote

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer - remote from Mexico

BYondMexico City, CDMX, Mexico, Remote

Mobile Network Engineer

BYondRedmond, WA, USA, Remote