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Enjoy Technology

Bringing the mobile store, through the door.
Enjoy is the next generation of the retail store. We help today’s premier companies navigate the shift from brick and mortar to online commerce by bringing the best of the store to your door. We partner with companies like AT&T, BT, EE, and Rogers to deliver a first-rate experience with free hand-delivery and setup of the best tech products. Over the last 5 years we've expanded to 54 U.S. cities, the U.K. and Canada. Needless to say, it's an ambitious undertaking that requires a spirit of winning together and a strong growth mindset. We value people who choose kindness and are obsessed with delivering amazing experiences. Enjoy delivers speed, kindness, and an outstanding value. Enjoy is founded and led by Ron Johnson, former Head of Apple Retail. Alongside is an executive team from leading retail, technology, and design organizations, such as Apple, Facebook, and Amazon.

Headquarter Location:
East Palo Alto, California, USA