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Lloyd Staffing

Since 1971, LLoyd Staffing has been successfully answering the employment needs of the national and regional workforce. By providing people skilled in the demands of the current marketplace, LLoyd responds to the employment and staffing objectives of the business community and job candidates at all levels of their careers and in many specialized disciplines. LLoyd provides robust, sophisticated solutions for flexible and cost-effective staffing programs that will impact a company's hiring practices, staff retention, productivity, performance and overall spend – for maximum ROI. We are all about the smartest, most cost-effective solution to talent acquisition and workforce management.

Headquarter Location:
Melville, New York, USA

IT Security Engineer

Lloyd StaffingManhattan Ave, New York, NY, USA, Remote

Senior Storage Engineer

Lloyd StaffingNY-110, Melville, NY, USA

Senior Drupal Developer

Lloyd StaffingMassachusetts Ave, Boston, MA, USA, Remote

.Net Developer

Lloyd StaffingNY-110, Melville, NY, USA

Senior Software Engineer/Architect

Lloyd StaffingSan Francisco Bay Trail, San Mateo, CA, USA