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A web development agency.
"Politech is a Technology, Data, and Analytics firm. We transform how campaigns use technology and data, and have innovated tools and programs that have been vital to many successful campaigns. Politech creates digital products and provides technology solutions that help political campaigns, progressive organizations, and nonprofits thrive in a data-driven world. Since 2012, Politech’s services have been used by progressive organizations, nonprofits and political campaigns to record interactions with supporters and volunteers, builds lists, track output by team and individual team member, and monitor progress to goals. In 2015 and 2016, Politech’s products were used in the field by campaigns and nonprofits to register more than 320,000 voters. Organizations using Politech for voter registration increased the number of voters registered by at least 50% compared to previous cycles without Politech. Our team is comprised of web developers, designers, data scientists, and analysts. Using our extensive experience we customize tools and design programs to meet our clients goals, while delivering cost effective solutions for our clients objectives.

Headquarter Location:
Washington, District of Columbia, USA