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Searchmetrics delivers predictable success that allows data-driven marketers to reach all of their search and content goals. We make this possible with our comprehensive portfolio of data, software, and services that combine the sustainable success of organic with the predictable returns otherwise only achievable by investing in paid media. We work for marketers who rely on search and content performance to drive revenue and elevate their brands. The Head of Engineering keeps up with new technologies and identifies the correct schema for the sites/software in development. He/She has a strong vision for the department and promotes the best organizational patterns and practices; tackles high-level challenges and balances quality software with speed. The Head of Engineering is responsible for technical excellence, the stability of the business’s core platform, and the overall quality of the architecture. The Head of Engineering will work closely with senior engineering teams in the management and development of strategic planning. He/She will also work closely with the Head of product in designing, developing, and deploying scalable technologies that will lead to increased consumer satisfaction.