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Square Communications, Inc

Square Communications, Inc is hiring a Remote Customer Service Professional

Title:Customer Support Professional "CSP"

Functions: Customer Service Professional answers customer questions and resolves issues over the telephone for Fortune 500 and mid-level companies.


Restricted States: California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Oregon, Wisconsin and New York (Due to strict work from home regulations we don't do business in these States)


Must be available to take calls, be productive, and engage in positive interactions, effectively meet the needs of the Customer while reinforcing trust and taking into consideration the Customer’s time and availability.

Will create customer loyalty by serving as a brand spokesperson while demonstrating a variety of selling techniques resulting in sales of our products and services.

Will identify our customers’ needs by asking clarifying questions to effectively promote clients' products and services, and articulate the features and benefits in a competitive manner through successful negotiations.

Take action to proactively learn new information, report Customers ’ impacting concerns. Think outside the box on Customer resolutions and share best practices with others.


Monthly bonuses.
Choose your own schedule. (15 Hours Minimum Per Week)
Work part-time or full-time.
Work remotely
No cold calling. All inbound and outbound calls
We fully train and support.


Experience with computers, keyboarding is required.

Demonstrated excellent verbal and written communication skills along with basic practical math, reading and comprehension abilities.

Ability to work a minimum of 15 hours a week

Hardwired Internet & USB headset.


Hourly: $9.50 - $15.00 (Pay Is Based On Placement.)

Alpharetta, Georgia 30009

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