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Synergetics is hiring a Remote Capture Manager

This is a senior level position. The Capture Manager will provide business development support and strategic capture of opportunities associated with the STARS III contract vehicle. An ideal candidate will have previous experience with the contract vehicle (STARS II), knowledge of clients, and solutions for finding long-term relationships using the vehicle.

Duties and Responsibilities

Responsibilities will include procurement planning, preparation, and analysis of opportunities coming off the STARS III contract vehicle. Capture Manager will be responsible for marketing functions, identifying and capturing opportunities being released off STARS III contract vehicle, and assisting in the preparation and coordination of proposal submissions. The Capture Manager will market the vehicle to Federal clients and ideally bring clients to the vehicle.

Performance Objectives

As a member of the Business Development team, work with the Proposal Manager to develop formal procurement plans for current and new projects. Monitor opportunities, draw work to and maximize the use of the STARS III contract vehicle. Identify Federal customers and clients requiring solutions to their Information Technology (IT) systems and bringing them to the STARS III contract.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 5 -10 years of experience in Federal procurement and contract administration
  • Experience working with STARS III contract vehicle
  • Broad experience with Federal customers and clients
  • Knowledge of Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)


The preferred candidate will reside in the Washington, D.C. area.

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Synergetics is hiring a Remote Cloud Systems Administrator

As a Cloud Systems Administrator, you will work in a Windows virtual environment managing cloud infrastructure services and multiple cloud server instances. The areas of responsibilities include server operating systems, virtualization platforms, cloud storage, hosting operations, systems alerting, monitoring, response, information lifecycle management, high availability, security, databases and disaster recovery. This position will demonstrate creative thinking and decision-making characteristics throughout daily interaction with others. This position requires a motivated and team-oriented individual possessing a methodical approach to problem solving with experience in MS Windows system administration.


  • Configure and fine tune cloud infrastructure systems
  • Support cloud servers including security configurations, patching, and troubleshooting
  • Develop scripts for automating client/server function
  • Monitor automated systems recovery solutions
  • Prepare automated dashboard metrics and required management reports
  • Administer all server and database access control
  • Utilize change management systems for cloud infrastructure environment
  • Research, assess, remediate, and reporting of system security vulnerabilities
  • Configure ports, protocols, and services of virtual network components (firewalls, security groups, etc)
  • Implement DISA SRG/STIG checklists on virtual networks, servers, and infrastructure components
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Bachelors or Associates degree (MIS, CS, or other IT major is preferred) with experience in Microsoft/Azure cloud systems administration
  • Accreditation with applicable cloud computing organization, MCSA Cloud or MCSE Cloud Platform / Infrastructure certification is preferred
  • Security+ required, CASP+ or CISSP preferred
  • Minimum of 2 years of Windows server administration along with Azure and/or cloud systems management
  • Minimum of 2 years of network switch, router, firewall management and/or the virtual equivalent thereof
  • Proficient with MS Server 2016+, SQL Server
  • Experience supporting application and database servers
  • Experience with Apache and/or IIS
  • Experience with Encryption methodologies
  • Strong proficiency with core Microsoft Office Tools (Outlook, Power Point, Excel, and Word)

The details:

  • Availability
  • o Full time Monday-Friday 8:00-16:30 EST from virtual office, no relocation
  • o 24 X 7 automated monitoring and break fix
  • Administration
  • o Maintain and troubleshoot all systems, applications, security, and network configurations
  • o Be responsible for the daily administration of a cloud environment, related servers, security and network devices
  • o Troubleshoot network performance issues and help to create and maintain disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • o Test and administer enhancements to new and existing cloud servers and related infrastructure
  • o Maintain servers to ensure trouble free operation and to ensure security
  • Day-to-day
  • o Implement change requests associated with modifications to cloud resources
  • o View and analyze summary data on cloud resource deployments
  • o Monitor performance on all environments (CPU, disk space, etc.) to ensure smooth running of all environments
  • o Manage firewalls, VPNs, and remote access to servers, based on different user roles and access requirements
  • o Maintain accurate and up to date system documentation
  • Automation

  • o Maintain automated scripts to observe overall cloud health
  • o Automated analysis of all script gathered log information
  • o Monitor Pass/Fail testing and automated IM/Text/E-mail notifications
  • o Cleanup of outdated or temporary data
  • Reporting

  • o Log file summary to various management detail levels
  • o Regular document preparation of required metrics
  • o Continual reporting for real-time dissemination through portal dashboards

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