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VTekis Consulting LLP

A Recruitment and Staffing provider.
VTekis Consulting provides Recruitment and Staffing services to many industries and domain through our innovative and customized solutions and passionate commitment to research. Ability to understand the hiring strategies, availability of talent and compensation benchmarking makes us a proud hiring partner for various industries. We work as trusted business partners and always strive to deliver the most value and highest return on investment for our clients. We are highly trained business professionals with a strong understanding of clients need. We work closely with the leading staffing trade associations, training, and research organizations to ensure we are knowledgeable of the latest industry trends and technologies.

Headquarter Location:
Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

Quality engineer With Python Frame works

VTekis Consulting LLPCA-92, Belmont, CA, USA, Remote

Mainframe with VTAM OR SNA

VTekis Consulting LLPTX-8 Beltway, Houston, TX, USA, Remote

Data Engineer

VTekis Consulting LLPNew Jersey Turnpike, Kearny, NJ, USA, Remote

Project Manager, Nuclear

VTekis Consulting LLPShoreview Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55417, USA, Remote

Senior Software Engineer

VTekis Consulting LLPPage St, Philadelphia, PA 19121, USA, Remote

Technical Architect Power Automate

VTekis Consulting LLPNoida Rd, D Block, Sector 10, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Blue Prism Architect

VTekis Consulting LLPCT-15, Hartford, CT, USA, Remote

Distinguished Engineer

VTekis Consulting LLPMedia Pkwy, Nether Providence Township, PA 19086, USA, Remote