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Fixico is hiring a Remote Business Development Director - UK

Who is looking for you?

Fixico is an innovative and fast-growing tech company, well funded by top-tier investors. We are expanding rapidly throughout Europe and are looking for a Business Development Director in the UK who will bring our company to the next level.

As a Business Development Director, you will be joining our Business Development team for our UK market. This is a high-impact role in our fast-growing, and international team, responsible for attracting, negotiating and implementing key/transformative commercial partnerships. From initiating the first conversations to closing deals and successfully launching live solutions.

Your Responsibilities

  • Develop and manage high-impact international cooperation opportunities and deals

  • Mobilizing the right internal teams and resources, e.g. gathering of clients’ requirements, designing the solution, driving the implementation of signed deals, managing pilots, overseeing live partnerships.

  • Function as a link between Business Development and other Fixico teams to successfully develop new and existing business partners

  • Drive and own key deals by bringing the right expertise, knowledge, and assets.

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Fixico is hiring a Remote Network Account Manager - UK

Who is looking for you

Fixico is an innovative and fast-growing tech company, well funded by top tier investors. We are expanding rapidly throughout Europe and are looking for a commercial Network Account Manager for our UK market.

As a Network Account Manager you will be joining the Network team. You would be responsible for building a strong repair shop network in one of Fixico’s newest markets, the UK. Next to that, you will be ensuring that our repair shops have the best experience possible while working with the Fixico platform. You will have the unique opportunity to further grow the largest network of repair shops in Europe.

Why do you want to meet us?

Fixico is on a mission to become the largest car repair marketplace in Europe. You will be one of the driving forces behind our body repair shop network in the UK, from acquiring new repair shops, building relationships with them and making them successful on the Fixico platform. You will provide them with all the information they need, make sure they know what to expect and what we can offer to help. You will act as an advisor and a service provider by being operational but having a strong commercial mindset.

Your main responsibilities will include:

  • Ensure to create and work on maintaining a long-term relationship with our partners and body repair shops in the UK

  • Building, managing and developing the network in the UK

  • Assist and educate partners to effectively use the Fixico platform to meet their business goals

  • Connect new partners to grow the repair shop network

  • On-boarding of new Fixico partners

  • Own the overall relationship with assigned partners, including; increase adoption and ensure retention

  • Grow our assigned partners' revenue and satisfaction

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Fixico is hiring a Remote Senior Software Engineer Back-end

What you will be doing

As a Back-end engineer, you will contribute to our solutions while being a member of one of the teams working on a particular product domain. You’ll collaborate with our team of Product Owners, Front-end developers and UX/UI Designers. You will be working with, but not limited to; PHP, Laravel, MySQL and any other technology which you think might suit the requirements. In this role, you’ll have the opportunity to build and deploy products that will be viewed by our customers all over Europe.

Your responsibilities

  • Work with a team of technically sophisticated engineers who make smooth product experiences their first priority.

  • Own solutions from end to end, managing complexity and engaging directly with stakeholders to think through everything from success metrics, to the ergonomics of individual features.

  • Contribute modular, well-tested code to create delightful API’s and well-built systems.

  • Create high-quality technical design and high quality, self-documented code

  • Design and implement scalable and high-performing solutions

  • Collaborate with other teams to improve the quality of our product and architecture

  • Advise business and Product Owners about business value and solutions.

  • Solving issues with the systems, prioritising based on customer impact

  • Good understanding of test automation practices;

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