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Systems Engineer

rtCampRemote job, Remote

rtCamp is hiring a Remote Systems Engineer

As a remote & distributed company, all our deployments are cloud-based so you don’t need to manage any physical hardware as you solve interesting engineering challenges for large enterprises across the globe using WordPress.

Key Responsibilities

  • Managing hosting infrastructure for very large WordPress sites
  • Debugging performance issues for WordPress sites
  • Comfortable with PHP programming as all sites hosted by us use our open-source project EasyEngine
  • Develop new features for the EasyEngine project
  • Automating day-to-day repetitive tasks for accuracy and efficiency

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WordPress Trainer

rtCampRemote job, Remote

rtCamp is hiring a Remote WordPress Trainer

You will be working in our Learning and Development Team with a focus on training freshers hired through our campus program aiming to make them WordPress Engineers.

The training courses will be crafted to help rtCampers improve their skills as developers and professionals working on some of the most challenging engineering projects with WordPress.

You will work as part of a fully distributed team.

Key Responsibilities

You will be responsible for students in batch sizes of 10-20. Each batch has a duration of three calendar months and involves the following:

  • Conducting online training and course delivery
  • Help students learn WordPress development aimed at enterprise-grade
  • Keeping course content updated
  • Grading student programming assignments including code review

Apart from the above classroom activities, you will be encouraged to participate in the fresher hiring process.

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