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Intermediate PHP Developer


Subscribe Pro is hiring a Remote Intermediate PHP Developer

Intermediate PHP Developer - Subscribe Pro - Career Page

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API Software Engineer (Go/PHP) France

api.videoRemote job, Remote
sqlDesignansibleapisymfonygitdockerpostgresqllinuxPHP is hiring a Remote API Software Engineer (Go/PHP) France

Today, video accounts for over 80% of all internet traffic! ????

We are increasingly living in a video-first world where our online experiences are dominated by real-time, streaming, and on-demand video.

At, our mission is to connect people through their cameras and videos. We are a global API-first platform managing and delivering online video at scale and our goal is to become the standard for how modern teams bring video experiences into their products and services.

Just like Stripe for payments, Twilio for texts, and Sendgrid for emails, we are making video accessible to every client and developer via our api, the world over. is a bottom-up, product-led growth company which gives strong attention to user experience and product easiness of use. Now, we are focused on fueling’s growth by improving our users’ experience, taking our product capabilities to the next level.

What's the opportunity? ????

As part of the API team, you will be responsible of the private and public web services conception and development. Your role will allow developers to integrate quickly all needed functionalities to improve developer experience, account management and administration tools. You will also participate in maintaining our billing and pricing integrations.

  • A unique opportunity to be an early member of a success story
  • Important responsibilities in a fast growing company seeking for excellence
  • A welcoming and collaborative environment with people who love working on hard problems
  • Ambitious objectives enabling you to skyrocket your learning curve

Important : You have to be located in France

What will you be doing? ????️

Attached to the API Team, you will actively contribute to the development of

  • design and develop scalable micro-services,
  • write tests (unit, integration, functional, end-to-end),
  • write and document private and public API,
  • take part of the corrective and evolutive maintenance,
  • phase out applications by using Go rather than PHP,
  • be proactive to make integration easier for developers,
  • ensure code quality, sustainability and low level of technical debt,
  • work in our technical environment: Git (GitLab), Ansible, Linux, RabbitMQ/Kafka, PostgreSQL, S3

What can you expect at ????

  • Global presence with an international working environment
  • 100% Remote possible (we have an HQ in Bordeaux, and we rely on many coworking spaces) (CET timezones)
  • We offer competitive salaries
  • Flexible timetable - we value results over presence
  • Work in your preferred System and OS (Mac, Linux, Microsoft)
  • Your voice is valued and will count in our decision making
  • Personal Growth. We invest in your career development; do you need books or to attend conferences? We got you covered!

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Mid/Senior PHP Developer (Symfony) (14.000 zł - 26.000 zł netto+VAT)

SurvicateRemote job, Remote
3 years of experienceremote-firstsqlsymfonypostgresqlAWSbackendPHP

Survicate is hiring a Remote Mid/Senior PHP Developer (Symfony) (14.000 zł - 26.000 zł netto+VAT)

In this role, you’ll use your extensive knowledge of PHP and related frameworks like Symfony to improve Survicate surveys seen by over 1,000 people per minute. You’ll engineer for usability, scalability, maintainability, and performance. The release of a new feature makes a huge impact on how easily thousands of companies around the world are able to collect and act upon collected feedback. Fixing even the tiniest bug means improving the user experience for thousands of respondents.

We work in an autonomous, cross-skilled product team that consists of Front-end and Backend Developers, QAs, Product Designers, and  Product Managers. We love collaboration, discussing product ideas, creating the best possible solution as fast as possible, and getting it released.

MID: 14 000 - 19 000 net + VAT
SENIOR: 19 000 - 26 000 net + VAT

Our stack:

  • Architecture: Microservices
  • Infrastructure: AWS
  • Most of the services are written in PHP8.1 using the Symfony framework
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Cache: Redis
  • Queue: SQS (for background jobs)
  • Auto deployments
  • Containerization

How We Work

- Work on a high-quality product- the solution we offer has a long-term, stable product vision and a rapidly growing customer base.

- Team with healthy processes- You’ll have a lot fewer meetings, a lot less meaningless communication, and a lot less interruption. Turns out 8 hours is plenty of time to get work done.

- We truly prioritize the right work-life balance - find the rhythm that works for you. If you have to pick your kids up from school or go to a doctor’s office in the middle of traditional working hours, we’re always fine with it.

- We work in small, independent teams- You’ll have a chance to learn about the application architecture and influence the directions in which the application will evolve.

- Friendly & honest atmosphere- we’re looking for people that want to work with us for years, not months.

In a typical week as a backend engineer at Survicate you’ll:

  • Write code that will impact thousands of people every day
  • Collaborate with front-end engineers to spec, write, test, and deploy code.
  • Brainstorm features with product managers and designers and guides decisions based on your knowledge of the codebase
  • Maintain the project by regular updates and code housekeeping
  • Assist our skilled Customer Success team in triaging bugs and solving issues in production in your primary area
  • Learn about and use new web technologies
  • Like the work you do, enjoy collaborating with your coworkers, and finish work on time

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Chief Technical Officer

Five Jars CorpRemote, New York, United States

Five Jars Corp is hiring a Remote Chief Technical Officer

Five Jars is looking for a Chief Technical Officer to manage the company’s technologies, engineers, IT support, and tech partners and conduct due diligence operations.

If you are an ambitious person ready to take on a new challenge and know how to manage and support software development teams, we have a great opportunity for you!

Day-to-day responsibilities
Responsibilities that candidates will have daily.

Strategy & Leadership (30%)

  • Build a technological vision for the company for 1, 3, 5 years;
  • Build Development/Support/QA team OKRs and strategy;
  • Ensuring tech strategy is aligned with business targets;
  • Build relationships with technology partners (like Lead and oversee the certification process;
  • Continuously research and build a roadmap for CMSs, frameworks, and technologies we use and will use;
  • Verify all technological practices adhere to regulatory standards and compliance;
  • Identify and implement innovative technologies that yield competitive advantage;
  • Grow the technical culture in the company
  • Be the product owner of the internal technical services, identify problems and create new technical decisions to solve it;
  • Build a learning and education roadmap for the development team (overall and individually) to grow professionally (courses, new technologies, new approaches);
  • Participate in performance reviews and help tech team members grow.

Pre-Sales (30%)

  • Attend pre-sales meetings and perform clients interview for technical direction;
  • Build architecture and estimates for new projects;
  • Preparing proposals in collaboration with the sales team;
  • Analyze the requirements and propose technical solutions;
  • Estimate projects and provide estimate reviews;
  • Present proposals to the client and represent the team from the technical standpoint;
  • Hand over won projects to delivery teams and ensure that all findings and expectations of the pre-sales phase are captured and understood;
  • Unify process of estimations;
  • Improving the quality of project estimation (understanding competitors, analyzing previous results, improving tools);

Delivery (30%)

  • Consult team and work closely on the architecture and approach with Tech Leads and Solutions Architect;
  • Consult team and work closely on the strategy and roadmap of the QA team;
  • Consult prospective and existing clients on technical solutions;
  • Serve as a bridge between sales and delivery teams;
  • Provide project delivery management and help in hiring proper people;
  • Improving the projects’ quality (implementation of processes for technical mentoring, supervision, code review, etc.);
  • Maintaining the price-quality resource balance (hiring talented juniors and helping them to grow, cooperating with the recruitment department to find high-experienced candidates for complex tasks);
  • Reducing the price of the project by reusing our experience on other projects

Marketing (10%) - non-billable

  • Build relationships and be an active technology community member (Drupal, WordPress, Symfony, etc.)
  • Build relationships and be an active member of industry-specific communities (Tessitura, YMCA and etc.)
  • Participate in marketing activities, like doing research, recording videos, and providing information for blog posts
  • Represent the company from the technical standpoint on conferences and events

Professional skills.

Required professional skills for being successful with goals and responsibilities.

Hard skills

  • Experience in a team lead, lead developer, or similar position that includes pre-sales, architecture, and technical delivery;
  • Knowledge of PHP, Drupal, Symfony, or Laravel;
  • Knowledge of JavaScript frameworks;
  • Knowledge of DevOps tools and processes;
  • Excellent English;
  • Pre-sales/Sales experience.


  • Responsibility and leadership by example;
  • Pro-activity and ability to find solutions to project challenges;
  • Easy to communicate ;

As a plus:

  • Open source contributions;
  • Someone from the Drupal Ukraine Community or another country Drupal community; 
  • Speaking at events and conferences.

We Propose

  • 100% remote work;
  • Fair compensation;
  • Benefits such as vacation, sick leave, a day off during official national holidays;
  • Flexible schedule and 7-hour working day;
  • Regular Friday Open Microphones about different tech things from other team members;
  • Help with learning new things (courses, books, etc.);
  • Support in participating in conferences;
  • Warm and friendly working environment;
  • Flexibility in making decisions, no micromanagement;
  • Respect and support with all activities;
  • Team building and other sorts of online/offline team activities.

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Full-Stack Web Developer (PHP)


Valnet Inc. is hiring a Remote Full-Stack Web Developer (PHP)

Full-Stack Web Developer (PHP) - Valnet Inc. - Career Page

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PHP JAvaScript Full Stack Developer (Remote Online Education group)


Latitude, Inc. is hiring a Remote PHP JAvaScript Full Stack Developer (Remote Online Education group)

PHP JAvaScript Full Stack Developer (Remote Online Education group) - Latitude, Inc. - Career Page

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Senior WordPress Developer


iGaming is hiring a Remote Senior WordPress Developer

Intro is an international Media Group with 11 years of consecutive outstanding performance offering business growth through affiliate marketing.  

Our team of over ​300 talented and dedicated professionals develop, maintain and optimize websites ensuring they are well-designed and can be navigated intuitively. All content is tailored to experienced or interested players – we provide accurate, transparent, informative and up-to-date content around all aspects of igaming.  

Why work with us at  
Because we are working to make a difference!

Not only are we driven to provide the best experience for our users and exceed our partners’ expectations, we know that our team is our most important asset. Therefore, we focus on creating a work environment where everyone can learn new skills and further develop their career – be it inhouse workshops, training plans, online courses or external trainings. And we excel by providing a good work/life balance – giving you the flexibility to work where and when you want and much more. In fact, you can decide if you want to work remotely or from one of our offices, for example our Varna office.  

We are continuing to grow and are hiring on all levels – Juniors, Experts and Managers.  
We want to expand our team! We are currently looking for a Senior WordPress Developer
These Tasks Await
  • Write server-side web application logic
  • Extend WordPress with custom modules/plugins/functionalities
  • Build new web applications
  • Help organize processes for most effective results
  • Handle security and performance issues related to scalable web application development
  • Be a member of a team of programmers working on iGaming solutions
This Profile Is Matching With Us
  • 5+ years of experience in Web Development using PHP
  • Developing WordPress sites to requirements
  • Experience debugging themes and plugins
  • Excellent understanding of the WordPress database structure
  • Solid background in building scalable distributed products and practical experience with caching
  • Experience with relational databases (e.g. MySQL/MariaDB or PostgreSQL)
  • Good knowledge of the English language – spoken and written

The chance to work with us is even bigger if you possess:
  • Experience with PHP frameworks (Symfony, Laravel, etc.)
  • NoSQL experience - MongoDB, Elastic, Redis
  • Experience with Git
  • Knowledge of RESTful patterns and API implementation

We Offer You
  • Health Management: sports cards, additional medical coverage
  • Flexibility: flexible working hours. Remote work
  • Location of the main office: in the centre of Varna, 5 minutes away from the beach, a lot of possibilities: restaurants, cafés and shops, free parking
  • Environment: open-door policy, relaxed atmosphere, no dress code
  • Entertainment: regular company events and team buildings, PlayStation, board games
  • Support: language classes, regular feedback, internal development will be promoted
  • Safety: permanent employment contract, fair vacation days, attractive salary package
  • Internationality: an international team consisting of various professionals and highly motivated personalities
If you feel like working with us, do not hesitate and apply today! Send us your CV and Cover Letter in English, plus References (if available). Or send this offer to a suitable friend!

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

All applications will be treated in strict confidentiality


Drupal Developer (Mid/Senior)

DropticaRemote job, Remote

Droptica is hiring a Remote Drupal Developer (Mid/Senior)

Dołączenie do Droptica to:

  • Praca z technologiami: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Twig, bootstrap, patternlab,
    Drupal, DrupalCommerce, Drush, Droopler, AcquiaBLT, Laravel, Symfony, Git, Github, Bitbucket,
    GitLab,, AcquiaDevCloud, Composer, Linux, Ubuntu, Bash, Docker, Traefik, VirtualBox,
    ReactJS, Gulp, Ansible, XDebug, PHPStorm, itd. 
  • Praca z klientami z całego świata.
  • Możliwość aktywnego rozwijania i popularyzacji oprogramowania OpenSource.
  • Praca w jednej z najlepszych firm w skali światowej wdrażających serwisy oparte o Drupala.
  • Regularna nauka - dostęp do licznych materiałów szkoleniowych, treningów, specjalistycznych książek, szkolenia wewnętrzne,
  • Roczny budżet na szkolenia.
  • Wpływ na rozwój firmy.
  • Skupianie się na jakości pracy (code review, retro, wspólne planowanie architektury, itp).
  • Elastyczne godziny pracy, możliwość pogodzenia pracy i nauki, hobby i życia osobistego.
  • Komfortowe miejsce pracy i wysokiej jakości sprzęt.
  • Wsparcie kolegów i koleżanek z zespołu, miła atmosfera i częste spotkania integracyjne.
  • Poczucie bezpieczeństwa i stabilności, jasne zasady (Ty wybierasz sposób rozliczeń i ile godzin pracujesz).
  • Pomoc w relokacji i praca zdalna.
  • Karta Multisport (50% dopłaty).
  • Bezpłatna z opieka medyczna PZU.
  • Raz do roku możliwość  skorzystania z tygodniowego wyjazdu do wybranego biura, na koszt firmy 
  • Dowiedz się więcej o Droptica na stronie


Wrocław, Gdańsk, Toruń, Rzeszów lub 100% zdalnie z Polski


  • Masz minimum 3 lata (min. 5 lat jeśli aplikujesz na Seniora) doświadczenia komercyjnego w tworzeniu aplikacji webowych lub serwisów internetowych z wykorzystaniem PHP.
  • Masz minimum roczne doświadczenie w pracy z Drupalem
  • Dobrze znasz HTML/CSS/jQuery i SQL.
  • Bez przeszkód porozumiewasz się po polsku i po angielsku (poziom B2).

Mile widziane

  • Certyfikaty Drupal Acquia (D8: developer, frontend, backend),
  • Znajomość ReactJS/Angular/Vue,
  • Znajomość Symfony Framework, 
  • Doświadczenie jako tech-lead na projektach 3+ osób i 6+ miesięcy.

Jeśli nie znasz, nauczymy Cię:

  • Git, Docker.
  • Symfony, Laravel.
  • Jenkins, Ansible.
  • SASS.
  • System linux (Podstawy LAMP).
  • Command line, bash.
  • Frameworki JS (Angular, React, Vue).

Nad czym będziesz pracować:

  • Tworzenie nowych aplikacji internetowych opartych o PHP (Drupal, Symfony, Laravel) - fullstack.
  • Rozwój istniejących aplikacji webowych i dużych serwisów internetowych.
  • Rozwój aplikacji dla dużych międzynarodowych korporacji jak również małych i średnich firm, duży przekrój klientów.
  • Planowanie architektury nowych aplikacji i serwisów internetowych.

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