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Engineering Manager (Experience in Java/PHP )

agileMaster’s DegreeCommercial experienceDesignjavabackend

Windmill Smart Solutions is hiring a Remote Engineering Manager (Experience in Java/PHP )

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Growth Marketer

UENIRemote job, Remote
Commercial experienceDesign

UENI is hiring a Remote Growth Marketer

About UENI:

UENI is a dynamic tech company offering digital solutions, including websites and SaaS marketing tools, for small and medium-sized businesses. We strive to empower businesses with a strong online presence and online growth.

What’s the opportunity?

We are seeking a highly creative and results-driven Growth Marketer to own innovative strategies for generating and converting leads for UENI.  Your goal every day will be to create campaigns to activate and retain new small business customers in a scalable, ROI-positive manner. This is a real opportunity to use creative digital marketing to scale a unique business.


  • Develop and implement inventive lead generation strategies, both online and offline, generating thousands of high-quality leads monthly.

  • Design digital campaigns for lead conversion, utilizing lead magnets, referral programs, and AI-generated lead generation tools.

  • Boost UENI's brand awareness among small business owners through creative marketing.

  • Collaborate with other teams to align marketing campaigns with UENI's business objectives.

  • Hit monthly KPIs for acquisitions/sales

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Mid Android Developer (15.000 - 19.000 zł netto+VAT)

SurvicateRemote job, Remote
Commercial experienceremote-firstkotlinDesignmobilejavaandroid

Survicate is hiring a Remote Mid Android Developer (15.000 - 19.000 zł netto+VAT)

In this role, you’ll use your experience and knowledge to improve Survicate Mobile Surveys seen all over the world, over 1,000 times per minute. You’ll engineer for usability, scalability, maintainability, and performance. The release of a new feature makes a significant impact on how easily thousands of companies worldwide collect and act upon collected feedback. Fixing even the tiniest bug means improving the user experience for thousands of respondents.

You’ll be a perfect candidate if:
  • You got the attention to detail our users expect
  • You’re eager to partner with Product and Design Teams to craft efficient user experiences
  • You build thinking about the long term and scalability
We work in an autonomous, cross-skilled product team. We love collaboration, discussing product ideas, creating the best possible solution as fast as possible, and getting it released. 

How We Work

- Work on a high-quality product-the solution we offer has a long-term, stable product vision and a rapidly growing customer base.

- Team with healthy processes-You’ll have a lot fewer meetings, a lot less meaningless communication, and a lot less interruption. Turns out 8 hours is plenty of time to get work done.

- We truly prioritize the right work-life balance - find the rhythm that works for you. If you have to pick your kids up from school or go to a doctor’s office in the middle of traditional working hours, we’re always fine with it.

- We work in small, independent teams-You’ll have a chance to learn about the application architecture and influence the directions in which the application will evolve.

- Friendly & honest atmosphere-we’re looking for people that want to work with us for years, not months.

In a typical week as a mobile developer at Survicate you’ll:
  • Write code that will impact thousands of people every day
  • Use Java, Kotlin to improve the mobile SDK library
  • Collaborate with other engineers to write, test, and deploy code
  • Brainstorm features with product managers and designers
  • Guide decisions based on your knowledge of the codebase
  • Assist our skilled Support Team in triaging bugs and solving issues
  • Enjoy collaborating with your coworkers, and finish work on time

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[Talent Pool] BDR | SDR | AE | KAE

Commercial experienceB2B

Azion Technologies is hiring a Remote [Talent Pool] BDR | SDR | AE | KAE

[Talent Pool] BDR | SDR | AE | KAE - Azion Technologies - Career Page

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