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Infrastructure System Engineer (Data Center/Cloud)

Wiser SolutionsRemote, India
7 years of experienceterraformnosqlpostgressqlDesignansibledockermysqlkuberneteslinuxAWS

Wiser Solutions is hiring a Remote Infrastructure System Engineer (Data Center/Cloud)

Infrastructure System Engineer (Data Center/Cloud) - Wiser Solutions - Career PageSee more jobs at Wiser Solutions

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Full Stack Engineer, Extraction

Wiser SolutionsRemote, India

Wiser Solutions is hiring a Remote Full Stack Engineer, Extraction

Full Stack Engineer, Extraction - Wiser Solutions - Career Page

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System Administrator (Data Centre/Cloud)

Wiser SolutionsRemote, India
7 years of experienceterraformnosqlpostgressqlDesignansibledockermysqlkuberneteslinuxAWS

Wiser Solutions is hiring a Remote System Administrator (Data Centre/Cloud)

System Administrator (Data Centre/Cloud) - Wiser Solutions - Career PageSee more jobs at Wiser Solutions

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IntelliPro Group Inc. is hiring a Remote Senior Infrastructure Engineer - NFT Marketplace

Senior Infrastructure Engineer - NFT Marketplace - IntelliPro Group Inc. - Career Page

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Sr. Software Engineer (Backend)

O'Reilly MediaRemote, United States

O'Reilly Media is hiring a Remote Sr. Software Engineer (Backend)


Brief Description

O'Reilly Media is looking for a Senior Software Engineer well-versed in Python and Django to join one of our product teams, and contribute to the development and maintenance of key features within our learning platform.

Salary Range: $130,000 - $155,000 

About the Team

O’Reilly Media’s Platform Engineering team builds and supports O’Reilly’s premier learning service, which is used by technologists, managers, and designers around the world to hone their skills and improve their craft. We are made of many small teams that are broadly distributed across the US, featuring diverse, tightly collaborative groups of developers, designers, and product managers constantly encouraging each other to deliver work that instills pride and fulfillment. We encourage learning, knowledge sharing, growth, and collaboration in all aspects.


About the Job

At O’Reilly, our engineers focus on building a diverse set of features designed in collaboration with product managers, UX, and other teammates. Senior Engineers work with product managers to architect our learning platform experiences, exchange code reviews with other team members, provide mentorship to junior engineers, and assist QA and Ops in troubleshooting product issues.

In this role, you help lead the building and maintaining of our services that enable interactive learning experiences. A bulk of our microservices are primarily built using Python & Django and interact with a variety of cloud environments and infrastructure. More recently as a team, we have ventured into building JavaScript & Node.js services that stitch together individual microservices to be consumed by client-side applications. Our front-end applications use React + Redux and modern, semantic HTML and CSS.


About You

We are interested in people who have experience building and supporting software with a diverse and engaged user base. We desire candidates who work comfortably in an agile environment and with collaborators who are distributed across multiple time zones. We value colleagues who are helpful, respectful, humble, and always willing to do what’s best for our users. We desire developers who treat automated tests as essential and believe that code reviews are a crucial path of learning and of sharing knowledge. The people on our platform teams have taken many traditional and nontraditional paths to the developer profession, and we welcome diverse teams that are bound together by a mutual love of learning.



  • 2+ years of being a Senior Engineer (or equivalent)
  • 5+ years experience as an engineer with relevant experience.
  • Proficiency in Python.
  • Proficiency in Django or equivalent web frameworks.
  • Experience with building, monitoring and debugging microservices.
  • Experience writing automated tests using tools like Django's TestCase or PyTest, or similar
  • Familiarity with the following technologies and tools or theircognates:
    • Redis
    • Celery
    • Relational databases, such as Postgres
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
    • Jenkins
    • GCP


Bonus skills

  • Node.js
  • React
  • OAuth, OIDC, and/or SAML 
  • Zuora or Braintree APIs 
  • Salesforce APIs 
  • JavaScript

About O’Reilly Media

O’Reilly’s mission is to change the world by sharing the knowledge of innovators. For over 40 years, we’ve inspired companies and individuals to do new things—and do things better—by providing them with the skills and understanding that are necessary for success.

At the heart of our business is a unique network of experts and innovators who share their knowledge through us. O’Reilly Learning offers exclusive live training, interactive learning, a certification experience, books, videos, and more, making it easier for our customers to develop the expertise they need to get ahead. And our books have been heralded for decades as the definitive place to learn about the technologies that are shaping the future. Everything we do is to help professionals from a variety of fields learn best practices and discover emerging trends that will shape the future of the tech industry.

Our customers are hungry to build the innovations that propel the world forward. And we help you do just that.

Learn more:


At O’Reilly, we believe that true innovation depends on hearing from, and listening to, people with a variety of perspectives. We want our whole organization to recognize, include, and encourage people of all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, religions, sexual orientations, and professional roles.

Learn more:

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Fullstack Software Engineer

agileBachelor's degree5 years of experienceterraformpostgresDesignazurec++.netdockerpythonAWS

Optel Group is hiring a Remote Fullstack Software Engineer

Fullstack Software Engineer - Optel Group - Career PageYou will be part of a product team that uses the latest technology stacks. You will have the opportunity to participate in all phases of development, fro

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Développeur logiciel Fullstack


Optel Group is hiring a Remote Développeur logiciel Fullstack

Développeur logiciel Fullstack - Optel Group - Career Page

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Sr. Infrastructure Engineer

OnitHouston, TX

Onit is hiring a Remote Sr. Infrastructure Engineer

Sr. Infrastructure Engineer - Onit - Career PageStrong understanding and experience with AWS security (IAM, SSO, Security Gr

See more jobs at Onit

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Delivery Manager (Business Intelligence)

5 years of experiencetableaujirapostgressqlDesignazureAWS

Data Meaning is hiring a Remote Delivery Manager (Business Intelligence)

Delivery Manager (Business Intelligence) - Data Meaning - Career PageSee more jobs at Data Meaning

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Starszy Inżynier Danych (Senior Data Engineer)

Wiser SolutionsRemote, Poland

Wiser Solutions is hiring a Remote Starszy Inżynier Danych (Senior Data Engineer)

Starszy Inżynier Danych (Senior Data Engineer) - Wiser Solutions - Career PageWiser Solutions is a suite of in-store and eCommerce intelligence and executio

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Senior Software Support Engineer

agileBachelor's degreepostgressqlmagentogitrubyc++dockermysqlkubernetesjenkinspythonAWSjavascriptPHP

Saatva is hiring a Remote Senior Software Support Engineer

Senior Software Support Engineer - Saatva - Career Page
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Software Engineer III (Backend Engineer)


PDI is hiring a Remote Software Engineer III (Backend Engineer)

Software Engineer III (Backend Engineer) - PDI Technologies - Career Page
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    Software Engineer - Security Platform


    BlueVoyant is hiring a Remote Software Engineer - Security Platform

    Software Engineer - Security Platform - BlueVoyant - Career PageWe've received your resume. Click See more jobs at BlueVoyant

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    Manager-Engineering (Extraction)

    Wiser SolutionsRemote, India

    Wiser Solutions is hiring a Remote Manager-Engineering (Extraction)

    Manager-Engineering (Extraction) - Wiser Solutions - Career Page

    Architekt Danych (Data Architect)

    Wiser SolutionsRemote, Poland

    Wiser Solutions is hiring a Remote Architekt Danych (Data Architect)

    Architekt Danych (Data Architect) - Wiser Solutions - Career PageSee more jobs at Wiser Solutions

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    Full-Stack Software Engineer


    BlueVoyant is hiring a Remote Full-Stack Software Engineer

    Full-Stack Software Engineer - BlueVoyant - Career Page

    Mid - Senior Level Software Engineer

    agile5 years of experiencepostgressqlDesigngraphqljavamysqlpython

    BlueVoyant is hiring a Remote Mid - Senior Level Software Engineer

    Mid - Senior Level Software Engineer - BlueVoyant - Career Page $('[data-track-share-click]').click(function () { googleTagManager.push({ 'event': 'gaEvent', 'eventCategory': 'Share Job', 'eventActi

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    Junior Developer

    InnovateEDURemote, New York, United States

    InnovateEDU is hiring a Remote Junior Developer

    Who You Are

    You are a mission-driven individual and believe in working to close the educational opportunity gap through the use of data and technical solutions. You are excited about bringing order to disparate data, and writing data pipelines, and don’t mind being relentless in pursuing data accuracy. You’ve previously worked with SQL and Python and written code that interacts with APIs.

    You are an optimistic problem-solver. You believe that together we can create real solutions that help the entire education sector move forward despite its complexity. You are excited to join a small, but growing team working on an early-stage product and are looking forward to working on many different pieces of that product. You are open to feedback, bring your best every day, and are ready to grow in all areas of your work. You want to join a team of folks who share your vision for mission-driven work at the intersection of education and technology.  Finally, you know that sharing often is key to this work, and are ready to document everything that you do so that data people in schools everywhere can benefit.

    Experience and Skills

    You are a good fit if you:

    • Have strong computer science fundamentals and experience with Python and writing analytical SQL
    • Consider yourself as having a very high attention to detail
    • Have strong communication skills with both technical and non-technical people
    • Are passionate about making an impact in K-12 education
    • Are comfortable doing many different types of tasks and having to context switch between tasks relativity often
    • Are passionate about building the best version of whatever you’re working on
    • Are highly motivated to work autonomously, with strong organizational and time management skills

    You’ll have an edge if you:

    • Have worked as a data analyst or data engineer in the past and are familiar with validating data and tools like Pandas, Jupyter Notebooks, Google BigQuery, and Google Data Studio
    • Have experience building pipelines using Apache Airflow
    • Have worked in K-12 education in the past


    The Junior Developer’s primary professional responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

    • Implementing and maintaining Landing Zone for new and returning customers
    • Creating, troubleshooting, and maintaining data processing pipelines in Apache Airflow (ETL work)
    • Writing SQL queries against many different types of databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres) to extract data
    • Running reports and exports in edTech source systems as well as Landing Zone infrastructure to perform data validation checks and communicate those back to our customers
    • Maintaining Landing Zone documentation to ensure it is always up-to-date and reflects how integrations function.
    • Deploying code updates across the Landing Zone customer base
    • Assisting in the deployment of infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform for new customers
    • Assisting in the development of a historical/longitudinal data storage system (data warehouse)
    • Responding to customer support tickets (this is a shared responsibility on our team)
    • Working with internal systems such as JIRA, Asana, Slack to stay organized and ensure communication with team members
    • Other duties as assigned 

    What to expect in the hiring process:

    • An introductory phone call with a Manager
    • A coding project that will take about 2 hours. This will be in Python and be related to processing data.
    • A project review and feedback call with two developers
    • Final round interviews, likely including our Executive Director

    The range for this position will be $58,500 to $75,000.  Salary is commensurate with education and experience.  

    About InnovateEDU

    InnovateEDU is a non-profit whose mission is to eliminate the opportunity gap by accelerating innovation in standards-aligned, next-generation learning models and tools that serve, inform, and enhance teaching and learning. InnovateEDU is committed to massively disrupting K-12 public education by focusing on developing scalable tools and practices that leverage innovation, technology, and new human capital systems to improve education for all students and close the opportunity gap.

    About the Project

    InnovateEDU strives to create real tooling and projects that greatly assist a school/district/state in moving toward embracing data standards, a data-driven culture, and data interoperability. Landing Zone, a project at InnovateEDU, provides school districts with a comprehensive cloud-based data infrastructure through the implementation of an Ed-Fi Operational Data Store (ODS), data mart for analytics in Google BigQuery, and the necessary data workflows in Apache Airflow to connect previously siloed, disparate educational data systems. Landing Zone simplifies a district's process to implement an Ed-Fi ODS, connecting Ed-Fi certified data sources and consuming non-Ed-Fi certified data once it has been aligned to the standard. This project heavily focuses on data engineering, backend work, dev ops, and data analytics tools to verify data.

    Application Instructions

    Please submit an application on this platform. 

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    Senior Software Engineer - Java

    agileBachelor's degreepostgressqlRabbitMQDesignazurejavamysqllinuxangularpythonAWSjavascript

    Rivers Agile is hiring a Remote Senior Software Engineer - Java

    Senior Software Engineer - Java - Rivers Agile - Career Page

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    Remote Full-Stack Engineer, Client Applications Team


    BlueVoyant is hiring a Remote Remote Full-Stack Engineer, Client Applications Team

    Remote Full-Stack Engineer, Client Applications Team - BlueVoyant - Career Page

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