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The Center for Action & Contemplation is hiring a Remote Digital Channel Specialist

Digital Channel Specialist - The Center for Action & Contemplation - Career PageSee more jobs at The Center for Action & Contemplation

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12484 - Web Designer


CMCC Foundation is hiring a Remote 12484 - Web Designer

12484 - Web Designer - CMCC Foundation - Career Page

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Director of Engineering


Blavity Inc. is hiring a Remote Director of Engineering

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CDC Web Designer


DRT Strategies, Inc. is hiring a Remote CDC Web Designer

CDC Web Designer - DRT Strategies, Inc. - Career Page

Digital Marketing Specialist


VerifiedFirst is hiring a Remote Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist - VerifiedFirst - Career Page

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Marketing Coordinator


Omatic is hiring a Remote Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator - Omatic - Career Page

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CRM Technologist

ReborrnRemote job, Remote

Reborrn is hiring a Remote CRM Technologist

REBORRN is a management consultancy based in London and Athens. We are a fast-growing hybrid of consultants and makers on a mission to challenge what a modern consultancy should look like in the Digital Economy. We work with visionary organisations like The Coca-Cola Company, L’Oreal, Bayer and Philip Morris International, across geographies, with deep expertise in Strategy & Management Consulting, Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, Business Process Optimisation & Organisation Design.

We are currently looking for a talented CRM Technologist to join our team and support the development and implementation of our CRM projects with key clients. The ideal candidate will help us leverage technology and different platforms to deliver better CRM, BPO, and Data solutions to our clients.

???? Who are you?

Your academic background can be anything related toBusiness, Marketing, Technology, or Engineering, but what’s important is that you have a technical background with a clear focus on front-end development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) and you have already put your theoretical knowledge into practice by gaining 2-3 years of hands-on experience working on CRM, Business Optimization/Automation and Marketing Automation projects.

As part of your existing role, you have a clear understanding of the successful building blocks of a CRM implementation (including integrating with 3rd party systems, designing the data & information architecture & reporting, designing processes etc). You also have experience setting up complex CRM workflows and automations and creating functions - having experience with Marketing Automation is a nice addition but not a necessity. Finally you are able to design, develop and maintain 3rd party integrations that enhance our products/services (i.e. Wordpress-Zoho integrations through tools like Zapier or Make, or API integrations), as well as customize them to meet the specific needs of the client.

You understand how Platforms work(mainly CRM and Marketing Automation platforms, but also, Integration Platforms and Tag Management solutions, too). But even when you don’t know something, it’s easy to dig deep and quickly discover the details.

Having working experience with at least one major CRM platform is a must - but this platform being Microsoft Dynamics and/or Zoho CRM (or, potentially, Salesforce)would be considered a huge plus!

You like creating out-of-the-box solutions to deliver the expected Marketing and Business results, and you have a proactive attitude towards solving problems. Even if something “just works,” you seek to optimize the way it works!

But we don’t only care about what you can do; we also want to know whoyou are!

You are a fast learner, and you have a “can do anything” attitude. You never shy away from the challenge of going beyond your scope of work and exploring different areas of expertise.

You genuinely protect confidential information and keep it to yourself.

You are curious by design. You always try to find better ways to do things. You experiment, and you learn by trying. You never stop looking for the right answers.

You are a team player, so the formula for success to you is company>team>self.

Last but not least you care. At Reborrn we don’t accept the “this is not my job” mentality. If someone spills coffee on the floor, you pick-up the mop and clean the mess.

???? What your day to day will look like?

You will be working in a vibrant environment, so you can never expect to have just another typical day at work. It’s definitely not your comfort zone, but you will never get bored, that is a promise. And it doesn’t end here. You will always be more than welcome to get exposed to different departments within Reborrn and jump into cool projects that resonate with your personal interests. At Reborrn, we are huge fans of cross-functional collaboration!

You will split your time & attention to the following:

  • Set up the core of CRM systems, including the main tables and variables, automations & workflows.

  • Work on integrating with 3rd party systems, either by working with their available API or through an integration platform.

  • Create custom functionality such as custom workflows and automations or functions.

  • Assist in the design of the main CRM architecture.

  • Work with the rest of the teams (Data/Dev/Marketing Automation) and facilitate their needs, regarding CRM components.

  • Researching new platforms, tools and processes to help the client achieve their KPIs and business results.


Salesforce Administrator (North America)


Tiny Technologies Inc. is hiring a Remote Salesforce Administrator (North America)

Salesforce Administrator (North America) - Tiny Technologies Inc. - Career PageSee more jobs at Tiny Technologies Inc.

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News Writer, Shadow and Act

2 years of experiencewordpress

Blavity Inc. is hiring a Remote News Writer, Shadow and Act

News Writer, Shadow and Act - Blavity Inc. - Career PageSee more jobs at Blavity Inc.

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Web-Hosting Support Manager - Remote


A2 Hosting is hiring a Remote Web-Hosting Support Manager - Remote

Web-Hosting Support Manager - Remote - A2 Hosting - Career PageOur growth has stemmed largely from our CEO's and team's strong technical focus and experience. We've built the industry's leading customer service team and continually do everything we can to offer faster service than our competitors. Our user-friendly solutions have you covered whether you

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Web Developer

INTRALOTHelena, United States, Remote
Bachelor's degreewordpressDesignUI/UX designmobilecssjavascript

INTRALOT is hiring a Remote Web Developer

INTRALOT is engaged in the supply of integrated gaming and transaction processing systems, innovative game content and value-added services to state licensed gaming organizations. Based on its extensive know how, advanced product development standards and substantial experience in operating lottery games, INTRALOT offers custom-made integrated solutions, which ensure maximum efficiency and absolute security. Games Library includes more than 400 types of games: Numerical Lotteries, TV Lottery Games, Sports Lotteries, Fixed Odds Betting, Instant Lotteries, Pari-mutuel, Video Lottery and Monitor Games.

Position Overview:

Hey there! We're on the lookout for a talented and enthusiastic Web Developer to join our team supporting the Montana Lottery. As the Web Developer, you'll work with our client’s IT and marketing teams to maintain and enhance the Lottery’s web properties. We need someone who knows their stuff when it comes to best practices for web development, UI/UX design, and working with APIs. If you're a problem-solving wizard with great attention to detail and love working both independently and as part of a group, this job is perfect for you!

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Information Warfare Exercise Design Specialist

Ability to travelwordpressDesignc++

IDS International is hiring a Remote Information Warfare Exercise Design Specialist

Information Warfare Exercise Design Specialist - IDS International - Career Page Attach resume as .pdf, .doc, .docx, .odt, .

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WordPress and E-Commerce Developer 2023 Fall


Montgomery Investment Technology, Inc. is hiring a Remote WordPress and E-Commerce Developer 2023 Fall

WordPress and E-Commerce Developer 2023 Fall - Montgomery Investment Technology, Inc. - Career Page

See more jobs at Montgomery Investment Technology, Inc.

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Project Coordinator

rtCampPune, India, Remote

rtCamp is hiring a Remote Project Coordinator

Note: The salary range for this position is between ₹9L to ₹18L annually! 

We're looking for enthusiastic individuals with good communication and multi-tasking abilities to support our Project Managers in managing ongoing projects.

Key Responsibilities

  • Support the Project Manager by taking the lead on running the on-floor (internal) activities

  • Maintain project documentation, such as plans and meeting notes (internal & client facing)

  • Assist with Project planning to breakdown the scope of work (SoW) items

  • Assign tasks via sprint planning, ensuring timely delivery and managing resourcing requirements

  • Identify & track the project’s risks and opportunities

  • Coordinate collaboration between all stakeholders through different mediums (virtual/documents)

  • Generate & review time reports for budget tracking

  • Communicate the project’s progress to team members and other stakeholders

  • Contribute towards improving internal processes and open-source

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ProVeg International is hiring a Remote Junior PR-Manager:in

Role Summary
Als Junior PR-Manager:in bei ProVeg kannst du dein Fachwissen in den Bereichen Public Relations, Journalismus und allgemeiner Kommunikation nutzen, um die pflanzliche Botschaft in den Medien zu verbreiten. Du beherrschst die Instrumente der zeitgemäßen Öffentlichkeitsarbeit souverän, behältst stets den Überblick und bist bereit, in unserem dynamischen Umfeld deine PR-Superkräfte einzusetzen? Dann bewirb dich jetzt!
Job Details

Title: Junior PR Manager:in ProVeg Germany

Berichtet an: Head of Communications Germany

Abteilung: German Communications 

Standort: Berlin (in Absprache remote work möglich)

Arbeitsstunden: 20–25 Stunden pro Woche

  • Koordination und Beantwortung von Presseanfragen

  • Koordination und Versand von Pressemitteilungen und weiteren PR-Texten und -Materialien

  • Kontinuierliche qualitative Pflege der Presseverteiler im Versandtool

  • Unterstützung bei der Vorbereitung von Interviews für diverse Medien

  • Unterstützung beim Kontaktaufbau und der Kontaktpflege zu Journalist:innen

  • Unterstützung bei der Weiterentwicklung unserer PR-Strategie

  • Analyse und Auswertung von PR-Aktivitäten

  • Gewissenhafte Medienbeobachtung



  • Mindestens ein Jahr Erfahrung im Bereich PR/Kommunikation, insbesondere Pressearbeit

  • Einschlägiger Hochschulabschluss oder gleichwertige Qualifikation (Kommunikation, Journalismus, Medien, Sprachen usw.)

  • Hervorragende schriftliche und mündliche Kommunikationsfähigkeiten (Deutsch/Englisch) und ein ausgeprägtes Sprachgefühl

  • Ergebnisorientierte und strukturierte Arbeitsweise

  • Sehr gute Organisationsfähigkeit

  • Flexible Herangehensweise mit einem hohen Maß an Detailgenauigkeit


  • Gute Kenntnisse über relevante Themen und Trends rund um die pflanzliche Ernährung

  • Arbeitserfahrungen im NGO- oder im Agentur-Umfeld

  • Freude am Monitoring von relevanten Presse-Kennzahlen

  • Vertrautheit mit dem Presse-Tool Zimpel sowie Wordpress

  • Begeisterung für die herausfordernden Aspekte der PR-Arbeit und bedarfsweise zeitlich flexible Verfügbarkeit

Benefits of working with us
  • Flexible Arbeitszeiten mit der Möglichkeit, Überstunden durch Freizeit auszugleichen
  • 25 Tage Basisurlaub plus ein zusätzlicher Urlaubstag jährlich mehr (weitere Urlaubstage können über kleine Gehaltsanpassungen dazu “gekauft” werden)
  • Ein wertschätzendes Arbeitsklima in einem hochmotivierten Team
  • Starker Fokus auf die persönliche Entwicklung und ein ausgewiesenes Weiterbildungsbudget
  • Zugang zu einem gut ausgestatteten Büro in Berlin Tiergarten mit desk-sharing Option
  • Und last but not least: Werde Teil eines großartigen Teams und arbeite mit uns an einer Welt, in der jeder leckere und gesunde Lebensmittel wählt, die gut für alle Menschen, Tiere und unseren Planeten sind
  • Start: zum nächstmöglichen Startdatum 
  • Bewerbungsfrist: 27.07.2023
Further information

Diversity Statement

ProVeg verpflichtet sich zur Chancengleichheit bei der Beschäftigung für alle, unabhängig von Nationalität, ethnischer Herkunft, Religion, Hautfarbe, Geschlecht, Alter, Flüchtlingshintergrund, genetischen Informationen, Behinderung, Familienstand, elterlichem Status, Schwangerschaft, sexueller Orientierung, HIV-Status, Geschlechtsidentität oder Geschlechtsausdruck. Seit Juli 2021 nimmt ProVeg an dem Projekt Inklupreneur teil und hat es sich zum Ziel gesetzt, neun inklusive Stellen für Menschen mit Behinderung in den nächsten drei Jahren zu schaffen. ProVeg ist Unterzeichner der Charta der Vielfalt, eine 2006 veröffentlichte Selbstverpflichtung und ein Verein, der sich für ein vorurteilsfreies Arbeitsumfeld einsetzt. Im Jahr 2022 erzielte ProVeg ein Gesamtergebnis von 88,1% im PRIDE Index, dem LGBTIQ+ Diversity Performance Index. Das liegt über 20 Prozentpunkten über dem Gesamtdurchschnitt von 67,9%.

Weitere Informationen

​Deine Bewerbung sollte ein Anschreiben, einen Lebenslauf und Arbeitszeugnisse enthalten. Bitte teile uns mit, wie du diese Stellenanzeige gefunden hast. Bitte sende uns ​deine Bewerbung über unser Online-Formular (https://proveg.com/jobs/). Vielen Dank!

Die nächsten Schritte umfassen:
  1. Ein Online-Assessment
  2. Ein erstes Telefoninterview mit People and Culture
  3. Online-Probeaufgaben
  4. Ein Interview mit dem Hiring Manager 
About us

ProVeg International is a food awareness organisation working to transform the global food system by replacing 50% of animal products globally with plant-based and cultivated foods by 2040.

ProVeg engages with all relevant stakeholders to create a food system where everyone chooses delicious and healthy food that is good for all humans, animals, and our planet.

ProVeg has received the United Nations’ Momentum for Change Award and works closely with key UN food and environment agencies. 

We have observer status with the UNFCCC and the IPCC, special consultative status with ECOSOC, and are accredited for UNEA.

ProVeg creates global impact, with offices in 11 countries across four continents and more than 200 employees. 

See more jobs at ProVeg International

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BluShark Digital is hiring a Remote Digital Content Specialist (SEO Copy Editor & Marketing Associate)

Digital Content Specialist (SEO Copy Editor & Marketing Associate) - BluShark Digital - Career Page

Head of Organic Growth (m/f/d)

7 years of experiencefigmawordpressDesigniosUXcsslinuxjavascript

StudySmarter is hiring a Remote Head of Organic Growth (m/f/d)

Your Role

We are seeking an experienced Head of Organic Growth (m/f/d) to lead global organic user acquisition with a strong focus on SEO. This role requires expertise in the latest SEO techniques, tools, and best practices. As the Head of Organic Growth, you will lead and mentor a diverse team of SEO and content experts, fostering their success and contributing to the company's overall growth. StudySmarter places great importance on organic growth and SEO, as evident in our ongoing progress.

Key Responsibilities

  • Drive organic growth on our StudySmarter App and Website by increasing sign-ups and enhancing the quality of users.

  • Serve as the primary contact for founders regarding organic growth, offering detailed reporting and forecasting.

  • Develop and execute global and country-specific SEO strategies to improve search visibility and user acquisition.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to optimize website architecture, content, and user experience.

  • Analyze and monitor organic performance metrics to inform data-driven decisions and strategy adjustments.

  • Stay current with industry trends, tools, and best practices to ensure competitive and effective SEO techniques.

  • Lead and mentor an SEO team, promoting a culture of collaboration, accountability, and continuous learning while setting clear goals and providing performance feedback.

What you need to succeed

Professional Requirements

  • Minimum of 7 years of experience in digital marketing, with a strong focus on SEO and organic growth strategies in the B2C industry

  • Proven track record of successfully developing and implementing SEO strategies that have led to significant increases in organic traffic, rankings, and conversions

  • Experience managing and leading a diverse team of SEO professionals, with a demonstrated ability to mentor, develop, and inspire team members

  • Prior experience working with global brand and driving organic growth in multiple markets and languages

  • Strong project management skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects, deadlines, and priorities effectively

  • Prior working experience in a fast-paced environment such as a start-up / scale-up

Technical Requirements

  • Extensive experience with SEO tools and platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush, Sistrix, Ahrefs, and more

  • In-depth knowledge of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO best practices

  • Familiarity with web technologies and coding languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and schema markup, website architecture and speed optimization

  • Knowledge of international SEO and multi-language search optimization

  • Experience with content management systems, such as WordPress

  • Experience working with collaboration & UX-Design tools such as Figma and Miro

  • Strong proficiency in using calculation tools such as Excel/Google Sheets 

Leadership Competencies

  • Proven experience in leading, managing, and mentoring diverse teams effectively.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with a capacity to influence and collaborate across various teams.

  • Demonstrated strategic thinking and the ability to make data-informed decisions.

  • Proficiency in creating data-driven reports and deriving actionable insights from them.

  • A proven track record of achieving results in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

  • Strong alignment with StudySmarter's core values and dedication to promoting a positive, inclusive culture.

Why StudySmarter?
  • Personal development budget

  • Choice of Equipment (Apple, Windows) and Operation System (Windows, Linux, iOS)

  • Flexible working hours

  • Remote Work (Onsite, Hybrid, Remote)

  • Remote and Onsite Team Events

  • StudySmarter Surprise Merch

  • Headquarters in Munich Central and Co-Working Space in Berlin + Bring your dog policy in our offices

  • Weekly free team breakfast and team dinner + Free drinks / coffee / porridge / snacks / fruit in the office

  • A lovely team environment and culture to grow within

Individual Options

  • EGYM Wellpass - fitness / wellness discount

  • Company pension plan

  • Virtual Shares

About us
StudySmarter is a leading EdTech startup from Munich, which digitizes the complete learning process of students and pupils with its smart learning platform. We have not only been awarded as the best learning app worldwide, but have also been able to actually support more than 10 million users in their learning experience.
Our vision is, to support everyone in achieving their own educational goals with cutting-edge technology.

Web Developer (WordPress) & Network Administrator

5 years of experiencewordpressmysqlPHP

ProVeg International is hiring a Remote Web Developer (WordPress) & Network Administrator

Role Summary

As Web Developer and Network Administrator with at least 5 years of experience, you will work with the other members of the web team to deliver: 

  • Internal web development support - including building new pages on existing sites, and building new sites as needed by the various departments and country-offices of ProVeg International. 

  • Overseeing the administration of our managed servers and related tools, and our registered domain names. 

Job Details
  • Reports to: Senior Web Developer

  • Department: International Communications

  • Location: Remote work or working from one of our ProVeg offices

  • Hours: 20-40 hours per week


The successful candidate will:

  • be responsible for setting up, maintenance, and monitoring, as well as the administration of our website servers (user administration, updates, backups, etc.). 

  • help to develop interfaces between our website (Wordpress) and our newsletter tool and other CRM systems and help develop forms on the website. 

  • maintain and update the databases integrated into our website.



  • Good level of English with the ability to work as part of a team that values learning and experimentation in order to deliver high-quality results.

  • Strong drive to play a part in building platforms for important communications campaigns. 

  • Experienced with the administration of websites and good skills in working with WordPress and various APIs.

  • Experienced with PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.

  • Versed with programming simple tools and scripts.


  • Knowledge of additional CMS use.

Benefits of working with us
  • A strong organisational focus on personal development and designated training budget.
  • Flexible working arrangements.
  • And last but not least: become part of a great team and work with us towards building a world where everyone chooses delicious and healthy food that is good for all humans, animals, and the planet.
  • Application deadline: June 2023

  • Start date: as soon as possible

Further information
Diversity Statement
ProVeg is committed to equal employment opportunity for all, regardless of race, religion, colour, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, refugee background, genetic information, disability, marital status, parental status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, HIV status, gender identity, or gender expression. People of colour, women, people with disabilities, people from LGBTQIA+ communities, elderly people, refugees and people living with HIV are strongly encouraged to apply. In 2020, ProVeg signed the German Diversity Charter, a voluntary pledge and non-profit organisation that promotes the recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity in business culture.

In 2021, ProVeg took part in the Inklupreneur project and has set the goal of creating nine inclusive positions for people living with disabilities over the next three years.

In 2022, ProVeg scored 88.1% in the PRIDE Index, the LGBTIQ+ Diversity Performance Index, over 20 percentage points above the overall average of 67.9%.

Our Application Procedure
Your application should include a cover letter addressing your motivation and how you meet the person specification criteria and a CV. Please submit your application in English using our online form, and tell us how you found this job ad. (https://proveg.com/jobs/) Thank you!
The recruitment process includes:
1.    Online test
2.    Phone interview with HR
3.    Online trial task
4.    Senior Management interview
5.    Final decision
About us

ProVeg International is a food awareness organisation working to transform the global food system by replacing 50% of animal products globally with plant-based and cultivated foods by 2040.

ProVeg engages with all relevant stakeholders to create a food system where everyone chooses delicious and healthy food that is good for all humans, animals, and our planet.

ProVeg has received the United Nations’ Momentum for Change Award and works closely with key UN food and environment agencies. 

We have observer status with the UNFCCC and the IPCC, special consultative status with ECOSOC, and are accredited for UNEA.

ProVeg creates global impact, with offices in 11 countries across four continents and more than 200 employees. 

See more jobs at ProVeg International

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Expressions of Interest


Tiny Technologies Inc. is hiring a Remote Expressions of Interest

Expressions of Interest - Tiny Technologies Inc. - Career Page

See more jobs at Tiny Technologies Inc.

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Content Manager English (Casino & Sports Betting) (f/m/x)


iGaming is hiring a Remote Content Manager English (Casino & Sports Betting) (f/m/x)

iGaming.com is an international Media Group with 11 years of consecutive outstanding performance offering business growth through affiliate marketing.  

Our team of over 300 talented and dedicated professionals develop, maintain and optimize websites ensuring they are well-designed and can be navigated intuitively. All content is tailored to experienced or interested players – we provide accurate, transparent, informative and up-to-date content around all aspects of igaming.  

Why work with us at iGaming.com?  

Because we are working to make a difference!

Not only are we driven to provide the best experience for our users and exceed our partners’ expectations, we know that our team is our most important asset. Therefore, we focus on creating a work environment where everyone can learn new skills and further develop their career – be it inhouse workshops, training plans, online courses or external trainings. And we excel by providing a good work/life balance – giving you the flexibility to work where and when you want and much more. In fact, you can decide if you want to work remotely or from one of our offices, for example our Varna office.  

We are continuing to grow and are hiring on all levels – Juniors, Experts and Managers.  

We want to expand our team!  We are currently looking for a Content Manager English (Casino & Sports Betting) (f/m/x).
These Tasks Await
  • Writing quality and informative content on the topic of iGaming, with a particular focus on online casinos. This includes reviews of games and operators, comparison and advice pieces, news and blog posts
  • Following requirements and templates provided by Project Managers and SEO department 
  • Optimising and editing content directly on webpages using WordPress
  • Assisting Project Managers with organisational tasks when needed (design tables, reports etc.)
  • Liaising with other departments regarding potential improvements that can be made on our domains
  • Managing projects when needed and overseeing the quality of content
  • Proofing and editing outsourced content and preparing it for our domains
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest in content marketing and commercial writing 
Your Profile
  • Native English, with excellent writing skills
  • Comfortable writing for various different markets, especially for the UK and the US
  • Minimum 2 years' experience writing professional marketing copy, ideally within the gambling industry
  • Knowledge of the gambling industry in general and ideally of online casinos specifically a plus
  • Experience with WordPress
  • Strong communication skills
  • Knowledge of the life cycle of web development
  • Self-driven, with an eye for detail, flexible and able to work independently
  • Ability to conduct independent online research
  •  Ability to work to deadlines
  • Working understanding of on-page SEO practices
We Offer You
Work/life balance: flexible working hours, remote work
Flexibility: work from our Berlin/ Varna office, from home or anywhere in the world. Full-time, part-time or freelance
Office life: dog and cat friendly office, open door policy, individual responsibilities, results-driven mentality
Development: regular feedback, coaching, educational resources, career development opportunities
Remuneration: attractive salary, remote working subsidy, regular appraisal
Culture: growing team, highly motivated professionals from different cultural backgrounds, regular team events
Additional benefits based on location