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Stitch Fix

The Styling Supervisor is a critical management position in the Styling field at Stitch Fix. This role enables high performing leaders to gain deeper experience by managing teams of leaders. As a Styling Supervisor you will manage Styling Team Leads, who are the direct managers of our Stylists. Building the Styling talent pipeline, you will help new and tenured Stylists & Styling Team Leads realize their potential all while delivering an amazing Client experience. Working remotely and in office, our Supervisors focus on hiring and onboarding, developing and coaching teams to meet and exceed performance targets, support the larger Stylist community, teach and model Stitch Fix’s Mission and Values...all while styling Fixes too. This position provides a unique opportunity to build awareness of Stitch Fix and foster an amazing culture of best practice sharing and implementation. Styling Supervisors drive results through others by developing great teams, building leadership skills and cultivating peoples’ potential. You will create and grow a team environment that keeps the Client at the forefront and delivers an amazing Client experience.