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Edify Software Consulting


Senior DevOps Engineer

Edify Software ConsultingAlajuela, Costa Rica, Remote

Edify Software Consulting is hiring a Remote Senior DevOps Engineer

Job Description


Responsible for assisting the development team in the implementation, maintenance, evaluation, infrastructure automation, always ensuring the quality, performance and optimization of the infrastructure.

Assist the development team with automated deployments, monitoring, response and support to incidents or other related events. In addition, it provides support and guidance to other people on your work team in any other task related to the position.



Analysis and design

  • Determine data storage, processing and data transmission needs according to the analyzed requirements.
  • Design the infrastructure architecture together with the Software Architect assigned to the project.
  • Design of deployment processes for CI/CD.
  • Analyze the security requirements.

Implementation and maintenance

  • Analysis design defects to find their causes and correct them.
  • Address the infrastructure needs of the development team.
  • Stay up to date with industry tools, services and practices.
  • With supervision implement, best security practices.
  • Ensure the continuous improvement of processes and tasks under your responsibility.

Quality assurance

  • Run tests that come from the code.
  • Automate necessary tasks to facilitate and streamline the work of the Quality Assurance (QA) team.
  • Continuous assessment of compliance with industry best efficiency practices and safety standards.

Delivery and documentation

  • Define and document processes and standards for infrastructure management.
  • Provide support to those who need it on the team and to the client.
  • Support production monitoring staff (SRE’s) and any other technical counterpart of IT departments through documentation.


  • Collaborate in the analysis of project requirements process.
  • Coordinate the infrastructure implementation and automated process effort.



-    Technician or bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, Computer Science and related or equivalent level of knowledge demonstrated.

-    Technical and conversational English level B2+ according to the Common European Framework.

-    Connection, vision, empowerment and initiative.

-    Minimum 5 years’ experience in a Devops position.

Mandatory knowledge:

-    Administration of Unix / Linux operating systems.
-    Remote administration.
-    Virtualization (containers and virtual machines).
-    Best practices and mechanisms for deployment.
-    Infrastructure as Code (IaC) (Configuration Management and Infrastructure Provisioning).
-    Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).
-    Infrastructure and application monitoring.
-    Logs management 
-    Incident management (resolution, analysis and providing documentation).
-    Processes / background jobs / concurrency / messaging (queues, bus, subscriber).
-    Scripting, Backups, Web Server Management, Proxies, Code Repositories.
-    Documentation (design diagrams, README. md, wiki, etc).
-    POSIX shell handling.
-    Infrastructure configuration and orchestration tools: Terraform and Ansible.
-    Source Control Tools: Git.
-    Knowledge of any of the following tools for managing continuous integration processes: Travis, Jenkins, CircleCI, GitlabCI and Github Actions.
-    Virtualization and Containerization: Docker, Docker Compose, Virtualbox, Packer and Qemu.
-    Cloud computing: AWS or Azure / GCP as alternatives.
-    Monitoring tools such as New Relic, Grafana y Cloudwatch.
-    Logs administration tools such as ELK Stack. Sumo Logic y Cloudwatch Logs.
-    Intermediate level:
o    Operating systems (Windows and MacOS).
o    Best practices for security, authentication and authorization
o    OWASP Principles knowledge. 
o    Knowledge of network theory
o    Bash, YAML, JSON.
o    Some other scripting language like Ruby or Python.

Desirable knowledge working with the following tools:

-    Relational and non-relational data bases MySQL, Mongo, Postgres, Redis.
-    Code management processes in repositories such as Git Flow and GitHub Flow.
-    Audits and certifications (example SOC2) experience. 
-    Penetrating testing experience. 
-    Previous experience leading DevOps teams. 
-    Logic and Cloudwatch Logs.

-    Intermediate level:

o    Microservices.
o    Databases Administration.
o    Multitenancy applications.
o    HCL.
o    SQL.
o    Markdown (for documentation).

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Edify Software Consulting is hiring a Remote Senior / Intermediate Quality Assurance Engineer

Job Description

Job Purpose


Responsible for analyzing, designing, developing, maintaining, evaluating and assuring the quality and performance of different software system components and their respective relationships, supporting and guiding others in his work team.


Key roles, Responsibilities and Functions:


● Define the quality control process for the project and its integration with the development process.

● Analyze project requirements of low, medium and high complexity.

● Determine the needs for testing functional and non-functional system requirements.

● Estimate the effort needed to implement the tests of the previously analyzed requirements.

● Analyze design proposals for new or existing systems to identify potential improvements.

● Develop the test plan based on the requirements analyzed.

● Generate high-level tests for the analyzed requirements.

● Design and implement frameworks for scheduled tests.

● Design and implement integration and system tests with the help of the team.

● Implement low-level test cases for analyzed requirements.

● Define the strategy for keeping the tests up-to-date with the changes introduced.

● Design and implement scheduled tests as planned for the project.

● Run the implemented test cases both manually and automatically.

● Verify and issue reports of results of the execution of test cases. Examples: defect reporting found, daily report of project status, report of debt to cover tests, report of analysis code, analysis report of design proposals.

● Ensure that the quality control process is followed as planned, identify variations in the quality control process, and

define corrective actions.

● Issue test reports for closing iteration.

● Issue reports from deployment to production.

● Issue project completion reports.

● Document lessons learned and follow up on them.

● Document technical and process aspects related to your day-to-day work (technical documentation, report of estimates and actual effort -timesheets-, workflow).


Required skills:

Advanced knowledge in:

● Object-oriented, functional, procedural and asynchronous programming paradigms.

● Software engineering processes (development cycle and quality control).

● Software quality assurance (unit, integration, system and user acceptance testing).

● Automated, performance, load, stress, API tests, among others.

● System design standards, good development practices and system testing.

● Documentation (test cases, design diagrams, README. md, API, wiki).

● Agile development methodologies including SCRUM and Kanban.

● Ruby and PHP(desirable).


Previous experience working with the following tools:


● Tools for programming test cases such as Selenium, Jmeter, TestNG, among others.

● Management of POSIX shell.

● Build Managers and dependency management such as Maven, Gradle, Grunt,

Gulp, WebPack, NPM and Yarn.

● Tools for managing continuous integration processes such as Travis, Jenkins and CircleCI.

● Relational and non-relational databases.

● Code management tools (Source Control).

● Basic knowledge of Cloud computing: AWS.

● Experience of at least 3 years working with one of the following languages: Java,

Javascript/NodeJS, Python, JSON, SQL.


Academic training:


● Technician or Bachelor in Computer Engineering, Computer Science and related or level of demonstrated equivalent knowledge.




● Technical and conversational English level B2+ according to the Common European Framework.


Work experience:


● Senior Quality Assurance Engineer: Minimum 5 years of experience in quality assurance, of which at least 4 years are in test-oriented software development.

● Intermediate Quality Assurance Engineer: Minimum 3 years of experience in quality assurance, of which at least 2 years are in test-oriented software development.

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Edify Software Consulting is hiring a Remote Apply today to become a member of our Community Network!!! You will be among the first professionals to be considered for future roles!!!

Job Description

By submitting your resume, you will be a part of our pipeline and will be among the first ones to be considered once we have an opening for any of the following open positions:  

•    Front-End Developer.
•    Back-End Developer.
•    Full-Stack Developer.
•    QA Engineer.
•    QA Tester.
•    DevOps Engineer.
•    Software Architect.
•    Software Technical Lead.
•    Technical Project Manager.


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